NorthStar's staff brings years of reporting experience through every type of litigation.

Court Reporting

Whether for a deposition, hearing, or testimony, NorthStar provides highly-skilled, experienced reporters anytime, anywhere in the world. Our reporters work comfortably with counsel and provide exceptional transcripts. Our average reporter has more than 20 years of experience.

We offer real-time transcription and can provide you with a laptop at your deposition or hearing. Our reporters can also give you a rough draft of the transcript as you leave the deposition.

Our videoconferencing conferencing suites allow you to attend depositions or meetings anywhere in the world without ever leaving your local area. Comfortable and convenient, our conference suites fit up to 16 people and include wireless internet and printing.

When it comes to the most advanced technology, no one rivals NorthStar. Litigation Technologies is in our name. While most court reporting firms have a transcript repository for you to view and search your transcripts and exhibits, we provide the complete package. Our repository is a discovery review platform, giving you the ability to search and tag transcripts and exhibits as well as all of the documents, pleadings, etc. in your case.

At NorthStar, we deliver quality transcripts, technology, and most important, peace of mind. Choosing NorthStar is the first step in presenting your best case.