About Us

For over 40 years NorthStar has provided litigation and trial support to law firms and legal departments throughout the world.

Our services include all aspects of discovery management, including ESI consulting, online hosting and project management. NorthStar is the team to look to for all of your trial needs including jury research, graphics consulting, videography services and trial presentation consulting.

From discovery to resolution, choosing NorthStar is the first step in presenting your best case.

What We Do

Electronic Discovery

NorthStar guides you through the murky waters of electronically stored information (ESI) and electronic discovery by providing services such as ESI consulting, forensics, and processing.

Trial Consulting

With experience acquired from our involvement in over 250 trials, NorthStar can help ensure that your message is communicated clearly and in the most focused and persuasive manner.

Online Review Tools

NorthStar’s powerful, user-friendly review solution allows your team to collaborate within stores of electronic data, documents, and files with simple, predictable and affordable pricing.

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