Jury Research

Our focus groups and mock jury exercises help you understand what jurors think about your case and how they reach their decisions.

Informed choices and effective strategy are created when you understand what the decision-makers are thinking, how they came to that conclusion and why they feel the way they do.

We recruit mock jurors and focus group members from the jurisdiction where your case is venued. This provides your team with the most accurate reflection of who will hear your case and what their biases may be. Understanding regional biases is paramount to presenting the right information the right way.

In a mock jury, the issues and evidence of both sides are presented to jurors through live witness testimony, video depositions, exhibits, demonstratives and arguments of counsel. Deliberations are monitored via closed-circuit TV and videotaped for later detailed analysis. Post-deliberation discussions allow you to interact directly with mock jurors to glean a full understanding of how the case presentation was received.

Mock jury exercises can last from half a day to several days and offer tremendous insight into how the case will play out and which obstacles need to be addressed.

Focus groups are less extensive and less expensive and usually test only one or two issues of the case.

Your team uses the feedback and knowledge gleaned from these exercises to better craft visuals, take into account unforeseen biases, simplify complex information and anticipate counterarguments. This deep understanding allows your team to tailor your case and craft the most potent, persuasive and compelling argument.

Choosing NorthStar is the first step in presenting your best case.