Web-Based Review

NorthStar’s eXoBase is a SQL-based platform offering a powerful, very user-friendly,web-based, on-demand, search and analytic review solution. eXoBase meets the challenges of litigation support, data governance, risk management, compliance and virtually any problem that requires multiple teams of multiple users to access, collaborate, discover, and unlock knowledge within stores of electronic data, documents, and files.

eXoBase’s feature-rich platform has been used to solve a range of problems across a number of industries. This shared knowledge is present throughout the platform where features and functions have been repurposed to bring a unique experience of choices to solve even the most challenging requirements.

Integrated Document Review

  • Tiff-on-the-fly features, with no plug-ins
  • Full redaction capabilities
  • Advanced filter features minimize document redundancy, duplicates, and irrelevancy

Innovative Technology

  • Greater control and manageability of documents
  • Zero-footprint, web-based solutions
  • Flexible platforms allow easy integration of custom widgets, such as surveys to manage and analyze polls

Advanced Security

  • Users connect to eXoBase through a secure portal
  • HTTPS encrypted web pages
  • 24/7 Performance and Threat Monitoring with multilevel alert protocols


  • Available 24/7/365 via phone, email and online
  • Free training and support
  • Dedicated Case Managers

Choosing NorthStar is the first step in presenting your best case.