Electronic Discovery

With the constant change of technology in both our personal and business lives, it is imperative to understand the topography of where data exists and how it is stored.

Important information is generated and stored electronically by virtually every device we come in contact with in our day-to-day lives. Relevant information can exists in a variety of locations from emails, documents and databases, to cell phones, PDAs, text messages, and even voicemails and GPS data. Understanding the ever-changing implications of today’s legal landscape greatly impacts on how you handle your case.

NorthStar guides you through the often murky waters of electronically stored information (ESI) and electronic discovery by providing services such as ESI consulting, forensics, and processing.

At NorthStar we pull from our broad experience in litigation support and forensic technology to assist your team’s ESI data collection, analysis and document review.

With years of industry experience and knowledge of the ever-changing legal terrain, the NorthStar team effectively assists you with every step of electronic discovery. We guide you on the most effective way to find the data you need to build or defend your case.

We consult with you to:

Identify and review Best Practices and Procedures

Analyze the impact of rules and cases

Navigate the obligations and protocols in ESI identification and collection

Additionally, we work with you on deposition preparation, participate in your meet-and-confer and advise you on negotiating the scope of discovery with your adversary.

NorthStar has a proven track record of ESI consulting and electronic discovery across jurisdictions and venues.

Choosing NorthStar is the first step in presenting your best case.